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 Please call the gym at 785-862-1617 or email to inquire about class times

* Please scroll down for the 2017-2018 Fall Schedule of classes being offered. *

 Effective Date: September 1, 2017 

(A printable copy is available in the Forms section of the website)

   All teams and classes require an annual $60 Registration Fee per child due every April before participation.

In an effort to keep all registration fees due by April 1st we will pro-rate the registration fee accordingly.

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month.
After the 10th a $25 late fee will be applied to your bill.
We offer multiple child discounts for siblings and we offer multiple class discounts if your child is taking more than 1 class with us.  
Discounts will not be applied to already discounted classes.
 Private lessons are available.  Privates must be scheduled with individual coaches.  Privates must be paid the day of your lesson.
All privates are required to pay the annual registration fee if the athlete is not a current member of the gym.
Inquire at the front desk as to which coaches are available for your child to have private lessons with.
** Top City observes the following holidays: Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas**
If we have to close the gym due to inclement weather we will post it
on our website and local news stations.






1.  BEGINNER 1:(Little Eagles) Requirements:  none  Description:  This class teaches the basics of tumbling.  Athlete will learn handstands, cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, round-offs and bridges.

2.  BEGINNER 2: (Junior Eagles) Requirements:  Cartwheel, Bridge and Handstand  Description:  This class will perfect the round-off and teach walkovers and handsprings.

3.  INTERMEDIATE 1: (Little Lions) Requirements:  Round-Off, Standing Back Handspring  Description:  This class will perfect the standing back handspring and will teach round-off back handspring and multiple back handsprings.

4.  INTERMEDIATE 2 (Junior Lions):  Requirements:  Round-Off Back Handspring, Standing Back Handspring, Front/Back Walkovers  Description:  This class will perfect standing and running multiple back handsprings and will teach front & back tucks, and different tumbling combinations incorporating handsprings and walkovers.

5.  ADVANCED:(Junior Griffins)  Requirements:  Running Multiple Back Handsprings, Round-Off Back Handspring Back Tuck  Description:  This class will perfect the standing back tuck and will teach back pikes, layouts and other specialty skills.

6.  BOYS CLASS:  Requirements:  None  Description:  This class is for BOYS ONLY.  The class will teach basic tumbling skills based on their abilities and will work on learning body control.

7.  TRAMPOLINE:  Requirements:  None  Description:  This class is Trampoline ONLY and will work on basic trampoline skills based on their abilities..



5:30-6:00     Tots Tumble     ages 3-4                                $38.00 

6:00-6:45     Beginner Tumbling & Trampoline                       $48.00

6:45-7:30     Dance ages 8-12                                            $58.00

7:15-8:15     Beginner 2 / Intermediate Tumbling                   $58.00



   4:30-6:30   T&T Tumble Team     (by invitation only, call for details if interested)

 5:30-7:30   T&T Tumble Team     (by invitation only, call for details if interested)

6:00-8:00   T&T Tumble Team     (by invitation only, call for details if interested)

 7:45-8:45   Twisting                                $58.00


5:30-6:00      Mommy and Me Classes 18mth- 3 yrs          $38.00

6:00-7:00     Intermediate to Advanced          $58.00

7:00-9:00     Open Gym              $6.00 per session (must have waiver on file)




 5:30-6:30       Beginner/Beginner 2 Tumbling/Tramp    $58  

6:15-7:15        Beginner/Beginner 2 Tumbling/Tramp    $58

7:00-8:00        Beginner/Beginner 2 Tumbling/Tramp      $58 


6:00p - 7:00p                     Tumbling/Tramp-Beginner/Beginner 2               $58

7:00p - 9:00p                     OPEN GYM (must have waiver on file)              $6.00 each session


9:00-11:00     T&T Tumble Team          (by invitation only, call for details if interested)

11:00-12:00     Beginner Tumbling                            $58.00

1:00p-3:00p     Birthday Parties                                Inquire

 3:30p-5:30      Birthday Parties                                Inquire

**Birthday Parties available  on Saturday and Sunday.  Call for Information and Pricing**